Autodemo introduces 1-Click Autoplay, iPad deliverables and improved controls

We’ve released a whole new set of demo-solutions. The new functionality has been in development and testing for months and is now included within every new autodemo project at no additional charge.

New features include:

  • 1-Click Autoplay
  • iPad™ and YouTube deliverables
  • Improved Controls
  • Sharing links and Social Media
  • Single-file EXE for Windows and Mac

Our laser-like focus on professional product demos has ensured our success over the past decade. Now, we have enhanced our solution to meet the growing needs of the market and stay on top of the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Greater integration via social networks and email campaigns, a better user-experience with improved navigation and more delivery options for mobile devices are just a few of the ways our enhanced solution is helping clients get noticed.

Read more about Autodemo’s newest solutions here.