October Update – How long should it take to build a software demo?

The fast track to great demos

We get it.

You need a software demo that is going to deliver real results; but, who has the time, budget or know-how to produce a sales and marketing demo that will generate buzz and pull qualified leads?

Doing the job in-house could take forever. Defining your content, determining visuals and recording professional voice talent requires a certain level of expertise that’s hard to find. Any agency can claim to have online marketing experts, but that doesn’t mean they know what it takes to build a demo aligned with your objectives.

We’ve spent more than ten years 100 percent focused on demo-development and have the production process down to a science. Our Streamlined Development Process™ keeps your demo project on track, maximizing your time and our efforts. When you work with us, there’s no need to wait until all your ducks are in a row before starting your demo project—we line them up for you.

Autodemo’s script-writing process is so well defined that it helped us crystallize the most effective way to communicate our software’s key benefits and differentiators.” —Third Brigade

Here’s how we can build your demo in three weeks:

Week One – Scripting

  • Conference call with your producer
  • Capture session

Week Two – Development

  • Script review and approval
  • Beta development

Week Three – Audio Recording and Final Deliverables

  • Beta review and approval
  • Recording session with selected voiceover talent
  • Autodemo delivered

(See a more detailed overview of our process at Getting Started. Even if you’re not looking to outsource the work, our development schedule is a great resource for managing your demo project in-house.)

Our development process provides a seamless experience and our pricing model eliminates any billing surprises. Autodemos are priced per the finished minute, making it easy to create a budget for your software demo months ahead of your product launch.

We know better than anyone what it takes to pull the right content and assemble it into a software demo that engages your audience and compels them to find out more. You have enough challenges in the ever-widening software market; that’s why we make it easy to produce a great demo in record time. With Autodemo, you don’t have to commit excessive amounts of effort or resources to your demo project. Our process allows us to hit the ground running and build a results-oriented software demo in as fast as three weeks.

Your software demo carries the weight of your marketing and sales goals on its shoulders—make sure it’s in the hands of an expert.