Bouncing Back from Email Challenges

This summer, we made the decision to restructure our email marketing efforts. For more than seven years, we had been using internal resources to create and distribute our monthly eNewsletters, the Autodemo UPDATES. Our email lists had been created organically, culled from years of sales prospecting and connections.

We never bought lists and have always been conscientious about the way we collect prospect and client information.

We knew we’d have some bounces due to high turnover in the industries we serve; but, we didn’t expect it to be too out-of-whack. We were wrong. Way wrong.

After selecting an email service provider, we began building our customized templates and loading our contact lists. Before sending to half of our list, our account had been suspended due to high bounce rates. Really high bounce rates.

It took us weeks to clean up our lists enough to continue our email marketing efforts without the fear of being black-listed from our email vendor. It was a pain, but worth it. We learned a valuable lesson:

No matter how bad it may appear, there is always a solution.

On that day we received our suspension notice, I couldn’t believe the number they had attached to our bounce rate. Worse, I couldn’t imagine how we were going to weed out the bad emails. But through the helping of a list cleaning service follow by our own internal campaign.

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What email marketing mistakes have you made? What have you found works best when it comes to getting responses? Feel free to share links to some of your latest email marketing campaign successes.