How to budget for next year’s demos

budget, money, puzzle, dollar, greenDetermining costs for projects that require outsourced services are difficult to specify and can create major budgeting dilemmas.

While many marketing expenses–things like Adwords or trade shows–are easy enough to figure well in advance, other project costs are not as readily available weeks or months ahead of their scheduled start date.

How do you define what a project will cost if you don’t know how many hours or what resources will be needed to complete it?

Here’s how we do it:

Our rates are consistent and easy to calculate; we charge a per-minute fee based on the length of your autodemo. We recommend your demo run no longer than four to six minutes. As soon as you know the scope of your demo—which we help you define—then you know the final costs. It’s that easy.

Since producing our first autodemo, many other CSC department managers have inquired about it. I’m the first to tell them how easy the development process is and how the end result exceeded our expectations and continues to surpass our sales and marketing objectives. –CSC

We haven’t increased our fees in years. Our per-minute pricing model includes everything: scriptwriting, development, professional audio recording and a few other bells and whistles:

  • a savvy one-click auto-play feature that makes it possible to launch an autodemo straight from an email, like this one from Apptix.
  • video files for your social media and mobile marketing efforts.
  • iOS-detection capabilities so that your autodemo plays on an iPad as smoothly as it plays from a desktop.

Autodemo makes the entire process easy for you, starting with the way we price our services. Clients continue working with us because they know what to expect, from costs to results.