What’s an Autodemo? (And how do I use it?)

This month’s newsletter focuses on our newest marketing tool: an autodemo…on autodemos.

You can read all of  our January newsletter after the jump, but what we’d really like is for you to take a look and tell us what you think:

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A majority of the autodemos we produce are product-centric.We believe that the most effective way to sell software is to show your prospects what it looks like and how it works in the most dynamic and concise way possible. That’s what autodemos do.But, what if you’re a service-oriented company that builds product-centric demos? If you’re us, you step outside of your creative box and use your expertise to demonstrate all you have to offer:
We have gone back and forth on developing our own autodemo for some time now. The original concern was that it was counter-intuitive to what we believe is our true value–building product-centric software lead generation tools.

We haven’t changed our position that the most effective software demo content is primarily constructed around our client’s software solution. And while building software demos is what we do best, we know something about building demos in general.

We are still deciding every where we want to leverage it and the campaigns we will build around it.

What we really want to know is how you are using demos. Do you have one? Many? Are they your primary lead-gen tool? Or an ancillary resource?

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