Our process for building autodemos

Streamlined Development Process, SDP

A few years back, we wrote an article for CustomerThink.com about the importance of having a defined process for any internal business objective: Three Steps to Building Effective Client Processes.

Our Streamlined Development Process (SDP) is the foundation of our success. During the twelve years we’ve been producing autodemos, we’ve never once changed our development process because it continues to keep our projects on track, maximizing our client’s time and our production team’s efforts.

Our SDP is the reason our clients can have a professional software demo in record time.

Here’s how we do it:

Week One – Scripting

  • Conference call with your producer
  • Capture session

Week Two – Development

  • Script review and approval
  • Beta development

Week Three – Audio Recording and Final Deliverables

  • Beta review and approval
  • Recording session with selected voiceover talent
  • Autodemo delivered

You can see a more detailed overview of our production process at Getting Started.

We take our development process seriously and are always interested in how others leverage their internal processes.

Tell us, does your company live or die by any specific process? Do you wish you had better ones in place? Or more flexibility around  what you are currently doing?