Live demos & autodemos: Why you need both

demos, autodemoLast week, SoftwareCEO, one of our favorite online resources in our industry, published an article asking, “Do you deliver stunningly awful software demos?”

The article was a Q&A with software demo expert, Peter Cohan.

Peter is great. We have been reading and following him for years. He is an expert when it comes to live software demo presentations.

As software demo experts ourselves, we think it is important to differentiate between live and self-running software demos and reiterate the need for both in any well-rounded software marketing mix.

An effective automated demo (or, self-running, as Peter identifies them) gives your prospects a wide enough snapshot of your solution so that they want a live demo. It is the invite that pulls prospects further into your sales pipeline, delivering more qualified leads.

Once you have a professionally produced automated demo (or, better, autodemo) in place, you set the wheels in motion to garner more live demos that can be customized for individual sales conversations.