Where to go for ideas, inspiration, and fun

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Here are five blogs we never miss (and why):

MarketingProfs.com Daily Fix
MarketingProfs has been a regular go-to resource of mine for years. Their content is informative, timely, and easy to read. Their Daily Fix blog keeps me thinking of new ways to continue to move our marketing initiatives forward.

MarketingSherpa’s Blog
Case studies, case studies, case studies. This site is full of the best ideas you can find on growing your business and expanding your marketing strategies. Did I mention all the case studies? (Charts too. MarketingSherpa is the first place I look for industry stats.)

This blog was created as an extension of Zappo’s CEO, Tony Hsieh’s business management book, “Delivering Happiness.”  The blog is an uplifting reminder of how fun work can be when a company’s primary goal is keeping employees happy.

37Signals Blog: Signal vs. Noise
Jason Fried, the CEO of 37Signals, is more than a CEO. He has a few book titles under his belt and publishes a regular column in Inc. Magazine. I like his writing, but I especially appreciate his company blog, Signal vs. Noise. It’s an excellent discussion on how his team is making it work in today’s new business model.

Sometimes you just need to have fun; and, be reminded of why you love what you do. Hugh Macleod is an artist with an eye for business, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. His daily emails are worth an email subscription for sure.

Here are a few more if you have time to browse…


The amount of informative and insightful marketing materials that HubSpot has pulled together on their website is unparalleled.


Full disclosure: Marketo’s a client, but that doesn’t make their B2B Marketing blog—or any of their other blogs—any less insightful.

Michael Stelzner

Michael is THE WHITE PAPER guy. He’s also smart, a great writer (obviously), and a good read.

What do you read for work inspiration?

And if you’re a software marketing blogger, please visit our blog and leave a link where we can find you. You’ll find this list along with a few other blogs we like to read.