3 Tips for Reducing Call Center Volume

help, reduce, time, call center, autodemo, demoA client of ours initially came to us because they wanted an online demo that dynamically showcased their offerings and could be delivered across various platforms.

Once they started leveraging their autodemo, they realized it was an effective customer service tool that drastically cut their call center volume.

“The demo has saved us from spending countless hours answering simple questions on the phone.”

–Krossover Intelligence, Inc.

If your customer service or call center is answering the same questions over and over again, here are three tips to consider:

  1. Leverage an autodemo that provides answers to common user questions on the Customer Service and FAQ pages of your website.
  2. Send customers an email that includes a link to your autodemo, like this, to answer common questions.
  3. Use contextual language as the link for your autodemo so that customers can easily find an answer to their question before picking up the phone. For example, text like, “How to track your order” or “Learn how to register” is more effective than “Watch a quick video” or “Take a tour” when it comes to getting your customer’s attention.

An autodemo is a great way to promote key features of your website; but, it is also an effective tool to reduce call center costs and build deeper relationships with your customers.

If you find your organization answering the same customer service questions again and again, an autodemo may be the answer to saving you time and money.