Autodemo’s Extreme Focus #1 Reason for Success

(Louisville ,Ky October 2012) As of this month, Autodemo LLC has produced over 2,200 demo projects and continues to grow their long list of clients, working with more than 500 software and website organizations since their inception in 1998.

“When I started Autodemo nearly fifteen years ago, my goal was to be the leading developer of software demos so I aggressively pursued the biggest and best brands,” says JC Stites, CEO and Founder of Autodemo, “Our first client was Microsoft. Just last week, we started a new project with them—I think that speaks volumes to our success and ability to sustain our business during a difficult economy.”

While Autodemo has remained 100 percent focused on software and website demos, they have extended their array of demo solutions to include: AutoTips, WalkThrus, and, most recently, the Autodemo App for iPads.

“We are constantly evolving our solution to keep pace with technology and the needs of our clients,” says Kristin Davis, a Producer for Autodemo and one of the company’s original employees.

In the last few years, the company has developed tracking and social media sharing features, enabling clients to audit their autodemo’s success via their preferred web analytic tool and easily share their autodemos on a variety of social media platforms.

“As a CEO, I’m very fortunate,” says JC, “I get to work with a dedicated group. My team understands our extreme focus on demos and continues to contribute to our core value at every level of the organization. It is because of them that Autodemo remains the leading developer of software demos.”