Did you hear about Apple’s big announcement last month?

by Paula Burba

Of course you did. You may not own a Mac, or an iPhone, or an iPad, but you’ve probably already heard about the new iPad mini.

Savvy marketers know (and many study) every move Apple makes – even if they don’t use the company’s products. How can Apple simply utter the word “announcement” and instantly have consumer’s attention? Most analysts credit Apple’s success to the obvious: meticulous design, solid engineering, perpetual motion, and an uncanny ESP for consumer behavior. However, one of the tools in their arsenal for success is easily found on their home page: engaging video.

Take the announcement for the new iPad mini as an example. It’s front and center on the Apple home page: https://bit.ly/SZeGtt.

Why does the video work so well? In less than five minutes, you know exactly what breakthrough materials and design the iPad mini is made of and what makes it special. What drove Apple to create the product? What makes it unique and not just a chopped-down version of an iPad? What does it do? Why are these components and the way the fit together so revolutionary? What makes it fit the iconic Apple mold? And most importantly, Why do you want to buy it? 

Guess what? An Autodemo can answer all these questions and more – in five minutes or less. With a variety of flexible implementation options, an autodemo not only provides an efficient and effective marketing tool to engage your audience at the right place and time, but also gives them the information they want in a way that’s memorable and easy to understand. Check out the ‘Top 10 places to use your software demo’ and you’ll get the idea.