Creating Great Content for Your Next Demo

Content Marketing

From a three-minute video showing off the features of an online business banking product to a four-minute instructional demo about how to ride a city bus, the point of most every autodemo we’ve done has been to push the viewer for action: Bank with us. Ride our bus.

For your demo to inspire action from viewers, the content has to be honed down to an elusive sweet spot where two or three features can be turned into Wow Factors.

The best way to find that material is to ask the right questions and build a solid content outline. Here are some of our best, time-honored tips for building an outline that supports outstanding demo content.

1. Start with the end in mind: what is the overall business objective of your demo? Keep that objective in mind throughout the creative process to stop yourself from cluttering the content with pertinent information.

2. This is valuable real estate: you have, usually, two to five minutes to show off your top two or three wow factors. Don’t be a hoarder. Clean house until you get down to your must-haves.

3. Ask  your sales force what differentiates your product or service: What about it makes prospects take notice or pay closer attention? These are likely the wow factors and must-have features you want to incorporate into the demo.

4. If demos were real estate, remember: location, location, location. A studio in the right location can be more valuable than a chateau in another location, but which is right for you? Choosing the right size demo is similar. High-level marketing and promotional demos are most effective in the 2-minute vicinity, while product showcases are better understood if they clock in around four minutes, divided into modules (or rooms, if you will).

5. Come back to your objective as you make a very brief, strong summary of those wow factors, and then finish with your call to action.

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