What is Your Company’s Voice?

One of the best-kept secrets for producing an effective and professional demo is this: use a script written by a pro in the unique voice of your organization with a tone that’s crafted for your particular audience.

Key points: employ professional writer, use your voice, focus on specific audience.

Make the script consistent with your organization’s personality, but be conversational. Your organization may be straight-laced or business casual. Professionals in your office might toss around Six Sigma and Kaizen terms like second nature. Or maybe your folks communicate in more informal, layman’s terms. Whichever the case, engage your audience by tailoring the tone and voice of your demo to them.

A script produced with clear content in an appropriate voice will bring exponentially better results than an uncalculated and unfocused script. So, what do you want your demo to say and what voice will best do that?What is Your Companys Voice?

Here are some ideas to help when drafting your script content. For fun, let’s think of it in church terms.

Will you be preaching to the choir?

Consider how much demo viewers will know, and compose your content for them. Do they already understand the intricacies of your industry? Will they recognize a revolutionary new feature in your latest software without you explaining every detail? Does your target audience know all the lingo and acronyms, or should you spell things out for a less knowledgeable, wider audience? Decide if it would be a waste of time or well worth your time to speak in basic or specialty terms.

Is it a revival you’re after?

Do you want your demo to attract new followers? Maybe you want to pull out all the stops and proselytize with a big production and hard sell. Your focus might be better placed on the bigger benefits instead of the intricate details of your product. Your voice might be best served as authoritative and persuasive in this case.

Do you want this to feel more like a church picnic?

Will the bulk of your audience already be familiar with your services? Will any visitors feel comfortable and welcomed as part of the group? If you want your demo to come across more fun and relaxed than formal and focused, use a more laid-back and informal tone to attract and compel them to linger and engage.

Whichever approach best fits the voice of your organization, draft your content with that voice in mind. Then employ a professional writer to compose a script for your demo in your unique voice.