Your Demo Isn’t Working If Sales Won’t Use It

Awhile back we wrote about the 5 Signs your demo is NOT doing its job. We are expanding on these with this blog: Sales Won’t Use It.

You’ve provided them with an informative and dynamic demo locked and loaded with all the necessary tools to attain success…but sales won’t use it.

We suggest the simple-yet-serious check listing below:

Is it easy to use?

Sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised what some companies consider user-friendly with demos that utilize so many hidden components Bill Gates would have issues navigating. We don’t recommend bare bones, no bells and whistles whatsoever, however, Autodemo believes the simpler the better and we abide by that strategy. At the end of the day if your demo isn’t easy to use your sales teams won’t use it and your company won’t reap the benefits. Period.

Is the content captivating or yawn-inducing?man with glasses, yawn, sales, demo

Less than mediocre language and monotone murmuring is a sure fire way to sabotage your message to the sales team.  Non-compelling, non-motivational words will make them weary by the end of the second sentence spoken.  Bad copy and even worse voiceover talent will sway the sales force from take notice to total check out. The Autodemo approach: powerfully produced, persuasively written and professionally polished demos that provide a positive and lasting impression for wide-awake awareness.

Do the visuals pop?

Humans are by nature visual creatures and in this rapid-fire world filled with instantaneous imagery coming at us 24/7 from all directions and sources, your sales team must be stimulated by more than mere words. Your choice of visuals to leverage in your demo should resonate in dramatic, exciting ways, employing the latest technologies to generate attention for education and motivation. At Autodemo we’re all about high-impact, high-quality visuals guaranteed to ensure that your demo – and your sales team’s  ̶  success rate soars.]

There you have it; sales force demo adversity addressed and Autodemo-resolved.

Next up: Your leads still have questions after seeing your demo.