Our Top 10 Reasons to Use a Demo: No. 5

We are halfway down the list of our “Top 10 Reasons to Use a Demo” with Reason No. 5, an entry that’s all about Engagement which the dictionary defines as:

employee engagement, top 10, demo

en·gage·ment noun in-ˈgāj-mənt, en-

1 : something that engages

2   a : the act of engaging : the state of being engaged

b : emotional involvement or commitment

While it’s crystal clear to the folks at Merriam-Webster, et al, it’s not always so cut and dry for marketers. In fact, sometimes it’s downright daunting to be simultaneously interesting, creative, and here it is – engaging –  to capture and retain an audience’s attention. However, in our opinion, the solution is very clear:  Video demos.

As we stated in our previous blog entry, video is the most powerful way to affect purchasing behavior,  yet it won’t perform unless the content is engaging.  Thus, the creation of compelling content requires a few simple rules, as we share below:

  • Target:  Direct your efforts toward your potential customers. Do your homework and investigate their likes, needs and wants and make sure you know exactly what they’re  looking for to ensure they’re well-versed with the content and feel a part of it.

  • Connect:  Make an emotional connection with your audience within the first five to ten seconds of the video; play with emotion, joy, and surprise, which lead to…

  • The Story: Turn your video content into a story that resonates with your target audience. Concentrate on the enjoyment a video will offer the viewer versus how well it serves the brand.

  • Keep it Real: Genuine videos engage; viewers need to relate to the video content whether it incorporates humor or adopts innovative, interesting approaches to put forth your message. (But don’t overdo it; keep it sophisticated yet catchy.)

  • Be Branding Discreet:  Yes, you want the user to recall your brand, but don’t hit them over the head.  People have an unconscious aversion to brand name/logo repetition; therefore, the marketing message is best reinforced through simple, clear wording.

Pretty engaging stuff, huh?


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