Autodemo’s Top 10 Reasons: No. 1

number 1, sell, deal, red, golden ruleDrumroll, please!

We’ve arrived at Reason No. 1 in our “Top 10 Reasons to Use a Demo” series and it’s the culmination for everything we’ve outlined in our previous nine blog entries with this conclusion: Demos Seal the Deal.

In a sea of consumer products and services, you must stand out in every way possible  to stay ahead of the competition. You know this because you consistently offer your customers – existing, new, potential – the latest and greatest in the marketplace whether commodity or technology.  However, you must ensure that they clearly get the gist of what you’re offering. You may have the hottest new product launch of the year but if your audience isn’t clear about why they need it, you may as well forget it.

Enter demo videos.

Demos do what their name clearly states: Demonstrate your product and/or service. A demo gives your audience the clarity to understand how your product or service will benefit them and a definitive and persuasive presentation in a matter of minutes.  And a well done, professionally produced demo video can be the game changing sales and marketing technique that takes your customer from perception to purchase.  They see it instantaneously, they understand it and then they want it.

Finally, with its considerable cost efficiencies versus other sales and marketing media vehicles, a video demo will never break your budgetary bank, no matter the size of your organization, whether upstart or established entity.

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