Stretch Your Remaining Marketing Budget

Your 2014 marketing budget is probably close to exhaustion, but before it comes to a complete stop there’s time to stretch those remaining dollars and maximize ROI. To help everyone get the most bang out of remaining budgets, we have put together a few resources full of creative and effective tips to help stretch those end-of-year marketing dollars.

The first is a 1-minute video from Jonathan Kranz all about how you should incorporate content marketing initiatives such as video into your other tactics like social media and in-person events at upcoming industry tradeshows.The second is a piece that we have created that is sure to help you get the most ROI from your current or upcoming video marketing initiatives by giving you new ways to deploy your demo that go beyond just featuring it on your website.

Both pieces are highly recommended for consumption by anyone looking to stretch out their remaining marketing budget and send 2014 out on a high note!

15 Ways to Leverage Your Demo Video