8 Hard to Ignore Benefits of Content Marketing

Over the past few years many businesses have seen content marketing go from buzzword to an important piece of their marketing strategy. But, while content marketing has grown many brands have still been hesitant to fully embrace it by investing more of their marketing budgets in content creation. One cause for this hesitation is that many marketers are still reporting trouble measuring the effectiveness of their content marketing initiatives, making CMOs and CEOs question the need for increased spending.

However, the time is now to show just how powerful a tool content marketing can be to your organization, especially a highly effective and measurable form like video. That is why we are sharing this great infographic from CJG Digital Marketing that highlights 8 benefits of content marketing that no one could possibly ignore.

Be sure to give it a few moments of your time, because as we inch closer to 2015 all the signs are pointing to content marketing becoming an even more critical component for all companies looking to expand their reach and engage targeted audiences.