Why CMOs Should Embrace Social Video

Did you know that social video is primed to make up 90% of all internet traffic next year? It’s true social media is booming, but if you still have doubts look at recent trends such as how social beat search twice this year in driving referral traffic to websites. With trends and predictions like these we feel that social media is primed for explosive growth in 2015 as a highly efficient marketing channel in large part due to the extreme effectiveness of social video.

This is why today we are highlighting an infographic that delivers hard data on why all businesses need to embrace social video before it’s too late and they begin to lose ground to the competition. Whether you are a CMO or work for one as part of a large marketing department you will definitely want to give it a few minutes of your time. Check it out and see why now is the time to embrace social video for all of its incredibly engaging and shareable qualities that are sure to drive huge gains for your marketing initiatives.

Why Will CMOs Embrace Social Video?