The State of Content Marketing 2015

Smart Insights recently asked more than 600 of their readers which digital marketing trend they thought would have the most impact on their business in 2015 and the answer most given should come as no surprise.

Yep, it was content marketing.

But, as content marketing looks to maintain its popularity and see continued growth in 2015 many organizations are still struggling with how to do content marketing effectively. We learned last week many marketers are struggling with measuring content effectiveness, while this week’s infographic reveals that 56% of marketers don’t have a documented content strategy.

The insights don’t stop there though, as Smart Insights & JBH Marketing summarize the key issues facing content marketing while offering advice on everything from what is and isn’t working to where to invest your budget for the best return.

And, if you just happen to be among the 56% without a content strategy they have also included the 7 content marketing planning tactics that just might be the missing ingredient to your organization’s marketing success.

2015 State of Content Marketing Infographic