Top 10 YouTube Tips for B2B Marketers

Check out this 90-second video from Autodemo for useful tips and tricks about using YouTube for your B2B marketing efforts. 

Autodemo YouTube Tips – Top 10 YouTube Tips and Tricks for B2B Marketers.

  1. Get verified so you can link back to your website.
  2. Turn off ads and random videos.
  3. Purposefully choose the best thumbnail or custom image.
  4. Upload your own script for closed captioning localizations.
  5. Always share your video with channel partners and resellers.
  6. Organize Playlists around your products or industries.
  7. Set your channel’s default privacy to “unlisted.”
  8. Include your logo at the beginning or end of videos.
  9. Monitor comments to respond or remove as necessary.
  10. Use cards and annotations to link to additional info.