Explainer Video Success: WealthEngine WE Prospect

Client: WealthEngine
Solution: Explainer Video (2:13)

WealthEngine WE Prospect gives sales professionals, marketers and fundraisers a simple way to find, understand, and contact wealthy prospects – directly within Salesforce.

Objective: Videos are generally used at specific points in the sales funnel. Explainer videos are used at the top of the funnel to create awareness and generate buyer interest. Demo videos are used in the middle of the funnel to educate buyers on specific features and functionality to help them reach a final purchasing decision. However, WealthEngine wanted to accelerate the sales process with a video that could both capture early buyer interest and move the buyer further along the decision-making process to a purchase. Challenge accepted!

Creative Process: We needed to create a story that truly resonated with buyers. That meant working closely with WealthEngine to understand the problems faced by their customers and how WE Prospect solves those problems. After gathering content from WealthEngine, we developed an initial script and character illustrations. Our first efforts missed the mark. The story just wasn’t compelling enough. With additional input from WealthEngine and collaborative brainstorming, a new storyboard was created. This time we nailed it! We quickly moved into video production.

Why We Like This Video: The WE Prospect video is a marketing tool that brings buyers into the sales funnel and moves them closer to a final purchasing decision. The video uses explainer-style storytelling to set up the problems faced by sales professionals, marketers and fundraisers. Then it uses actual screenshots and enhancements to demonstrate how WE Prospect’s features and functionality solves those problems. This video effectively combines attractive visuals with engaging narration. At a length of 2:12, the video moves at a pace fast enough hold the buyer’s attention without missing any key messages. WealthEngine launched this video at Dreamforce 2015 and uses the video on its website as seen here

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