Explainer Video Success: Dealer Disclosure

Dealer Disclosure gives customers a detailed lease report of any vehicle. Within seconds, the Dealer Disclosure app gives an exact quote on any model of vehicle a client views. All information is directly provided to any smartphone. Watch their app video here:

DealSure Dealer Disclosure Explainer Video (1:15)



Explainer videos are usually the opening pitch to create awareness of a product in the open market. Buyer interest can be gauged, as they’re introduced to a particular item in a crowded market space. Dealer Disclosure wanted to put the focus on where to find their app and what it does in comparison to the competition. To further emphasize the data capture, we have the end of the video directing to a particular point-of-contact.

Creative Process

Some might wonder what story exists in discussing an app in relation to car buying. Autodemo answered that call by working with Dealer Disclosure to find a quick path to customer relation. Everyone has had to buy a car and the unease of not having all information is a constant pressure. Therefore, we answer that need. The visual cuts accompanied by the quick chipper music forces the audience’s attention into following the process. Download the app, search and find an exact answer.

Why Autodemo Likes This App Video


The Dealer Disclosure video is a tool that helps marketing answer a need in the packed market of service apps. The sales funnel can only begin when a product is identified and given purpose. The video uses explainer-style storytelling to answer the two primary problems facing professionals developing these kinds of apps. How can I be found and how can I serve my customers? Once location is established, ease of use is confirmed in visual animation flow that uses swift moving functionality. Even the most techphobic users can be assured that they are getting a great deal.

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