Explainer Video Success: Seculert

There are 80,000 cyber security analysts employed in the USA today. At the same time, there are over 300,000 open vacancies –over three times as many openings as positions filled. Seculert provides enterprise security teams with the means to fight off invasive threats.

Seculert Explainer Video (2:10)

Objective: Seculert rapidly delivers highly accurate answers—not clues—enabling current analysts to quickly respond to previously unseen, unmeasured and unmitigated attacks bearing down on global enterprises. This video created by Autodemo offers a visual companion to Seculert’s mission. While using the video game aesthetic to visually appeal to a tech consumer base, Autodemo breaks down Seculert’s work for all levels of technical business.

Creative Process: The video uses animation to offer visual cues from popular video games such as Galaga and Arkanoid. While appealing to the fun side of technical business, Autodemo has drafted a video that offers immediate answers and a way to relate said information to a large scale enterprise technical team. Autodemo also cleverly layers in the animated analyst report in the middle of the video to relay the key messages from the gaming inspired intro and outro.

Why Autodemo Likes This Video: Autodemo loves the video because it shows how Seculert solves the analyst resource gap. By eliminating start-up costs, Seculert is shown to be the answer for all enterprise security issues. Easy to deploy, quick to offer solutions, Autodemo showcases the ease of the Seculert platform. This video shows that Seculert focuses on what matters, preventing the exfiltration of data while identifying the infected devices and users.

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