10 Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a rich frontier with many options. But, what would constitute the 10 best benefits of this field? 70% of the Top 100 Google Search listings are video results. The mobility, efficiency and ability to convert customers drives video marketing. Business giants such as Microsoft and Dell are finding new means of converting customers via easily integrated videos on product pages. In terms of SEO, Google and its search engine brothers-in-arms are factoring in video much higher in their search formulas.

Today’s info share comes from War Room Inc and the content is on-point. The business world is going visual to catch up to video hungry consumers that want ease over reading. These same consumers are driving video via mobile devices and businesses are rushing to keep up with their video demands. Marketing budgets are increasing around you, but you still might be on the fence. Feel free to take a look below and find many interesting points that can help you pull that decision trigger. Video can transmit information for your business or the competition. Read, learn and produce visual content to stay ahead!
10 Benefits of Video Marketing, infographic