The Internet Is a Zoo

YouTube has changed how every marketing plan embraces video. But, what worked for YouTube doesn’t work for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or even a blog post. The Internet Is a Zoo of audiences with different goals and attitudes. Businesses need elevator pitches, while consumers need to hear a crafted narrative. Most importantly, brevity remains supreme overall. No prospective has time to listen a business carry on about their product.

Today’s share comes from Buffer. Inspired by one of their many blogs about ideal post lengths, this infographic is designed to serve as a reference point for any modern business’s content marketing plan. The material is divided into social media, audio and video business concerns. The zoo analogy works in the sense that when a visitor goes to the zoo, they know what they want to see. Very rarely do these visitors just wander for the sake of wandering. Treat the audience as zoo visitors and appeal to their desire for accessibility. Nobody spends all day at the Zoo or tolerating marketing bombardment.

internet is a zoo, infographic