The Mobile Video Marketing Effect

Mobile video goes hand-in-hand with modern marketing. However, mobile ad spending accounts for 49% of digital ad spending, which is only slightly behind the trends of how people are using their devices. Why aren’t marketers acting with greater urgency to close that gap? After all, 50 million U.S. consumers watch video on their mobile devices. This same customer base is 1.4x more like to watch ad content than TV and Desktop based prospectives. Mobile use also grows 58% year over year. That level of growth is unparalleled in any other platform. Think about that while you look over where your current marketing spending stands at the end of 2016’s second quarter.

Today’s share comes from MediaPlatform. While the infographic below offers a key point overview of the Mobile Marketing Revolution, marketers should use this as a time to reflect. Every business wants real-time experiences, interactivity and to be relevant for customers. The technology is here, the time is now and youthful consumers have adapted to it. 98% of 18-34 year old consumers view mobile video daily. While the numbers aren’t as high in other demos, each respective target sample is higher than 50%. The marketing effect of Mobile Video is second to none. Begin planning today and feel free to contact Autodemo to customize your new approach to mobile video.

The Mobile Video Marketing Effect, infographic