Video Marketing and Social Media Shares

Social media and video can drastically improve a business’s marketing plan. After all, video is shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. This does have its downsides, as social media engagement is decreasing everywhere but at Facebook. But, a marketer just has to look at what Facebook is doing to keep engagement high. Starting videos with the volume off allows the visual appeal of video to stand out from text. 70% of most businesses market on Twitter and elsewhere just to broadcast their products and services.

Engagement is key and nothing engages a consumer like video. Only 41% of businesses believe that they are successfully capitalizing on the data captured from social media marketing. What does that mean for the other 59%. Simply that they’re not engaging in an immediate manner. 92% of mobile video viewers share video. However, if one of those users had a question/complaint, the average response time for a business on Twitter is 9 hours. What can be done about that?

Today’s share comes from Morrison & Foerster. While it provides adequate evidence that social media marketing does work, Autodemo invites you to look at our past blogs on the topic here and here. Video and social media improves your business by demanding attention immediately. It’s a new business world out there with limited boundaries and a constant search for answers. U.S. B2B marketers are expected to spend more than $100 million on social media advertising in 2017. Beat them to the hearts and minds of consumers with video first.

Video Marketing and Social Media Shares, infographic