Social Media Marketing by the Numbers

Social media marketing is a fascinating concept that marketers only examine by the bigger talking points. But, what about the intricacies that power greater marketing plans? 52% of all social media users maintain daily viewing of video ads and related business marketing efforts. Consumers say that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television. But, what is the right channel for a business’s social media marketing plan? More than half (52%) of marketers say Facebook is “the most important social network they use to grow and market their business.” LinkedIn came in second place with 21%, followed by Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. While Facebook might give your business the widest sampling of consumers, it wouldn’t hurt to examine the relevance of other social media channels for your clientele.

Today’s share comes from Mashable. While some of the social marketing case samples at the bottom of the infographic aren’t from your typical industries, they capture the greater macrocosm of social media marketing. After all, the share of marketing budgets spent on social media is expected to more than double over the next five years, from 11% to 24% by 2020. 4 billion items of interested are shared on Facebook daily, but what makes your marketing campaign stand out? What kind of checklist do you need to capitalize on ROI? The three characteristics of brand social media posting most important to consumers, in order, are 1) the brand shares new content; 2) the content is relevant to the brand; and 3) the brand engages with its followers. From the introductory information at the top of the infographic to the case studies at the bottom, take this time to learn from other agencies to improve upon your marketing efforts.

Pro Tip: Videos perform incredibly well on social media.

Social Media Marketing by the Numbers, infographic