Understanding, Using and Optimizing Video Marketing

80% of all consumers watch online video ads. That means your business is competing in a vast landscape where awareness is your greatest commodity. Creating videos that invite your audience to view product demonstrations and observe testimonials is a start. However, a business must plan on making videos a personal part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing facilitates sales, but only if a business incorporates their story into the pitch. While that might sound like a balancing act, video marketing makes it possible to appease both demands.

Our latest infographic spotlight comes from Christina Motley. The talking points are familiar, but they remain steadfast and true. Consumers have gone online and aren’t looking back. Now, marketers know they are choosing mobile over desktops and plans have to change accordingly. Using and optimizing video marketing for a mobile audience requires quick attention grabbers that ring true to the individual. While this won’t happen immediately, prolonged success allows a business to foster a sense of community. Your business might ask how can they appeal to mobile viewers with limited time? Well, there is answer for that.

iPhone users watch video ads 2.4 minutes on average, Androids users give 3 minutes of their time, Symbian users 4 minutes, and iPad users 5 minutes. If a business knows where the consumers are located and how much time they’re spending watching video…then what’s next? The past year has seen businesses take a 6% increase in supporting video advertising over social media. While both work hand-in-hand, think about your experiences as an influencer, marketer and consumer. Would you rather read a wall of text or have a carefully crafted video walk you through the life of a product or service? While you ponder that question, feel free to look around Autodemo’s blog and past video successes to see what we can do for your marketing plan.

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