Video Marketing Reigns Supreme

Video Marketing reigns supreme for a business’s marketing plan. Online video drives 55% of all consumer internet traffic on a global scale. These online audiences watch 13.2 million video ads per day. 76% of marketers are investing more into the effort to capture this attentive audience, so why hasn’t your business joined them? Especially, since 92% of these audience members will share with other customers. The never-ending chain of prospective views of your video ad keeps growing!

Today’s infographic comes from Prestige Marketing. Websites that use video ads in their landing pages and posts gain 3 times more inbound links than any other sites. This influences SEO and helps to gain even more prospective traffic to your site and video ads. Maintaining this connection with your consumer base on a regular basis ensures that the cycle of consumers never ends. Feel free to browse the infographic and find new takeaways to share with the marketing influencers are your organization. Those businesses that don’t invest in video marketing are leaving money on the table. Be better than that and start planning your new video ads today.

video marketing handbook, infographic