The Mobile Explosion of Video

Mobile video is helping the world of e-commerce to hit record numbers. E-commerce is steadily driven by online videos engaging potential consumers with active presentations of desired products and services. Online video is about 75% of all mobile traffic and mobile view rates are highest on Apple devices. Tablets have a higher engagement rate than smartphones, so what does that mean for your business’s marketing plan? Everything you present to prospectives must be mobile friendly and product pages designed around the video.

Today’s share comes from Invodo. While the infographic is a recap of 2015’s views on the rise of product video via mobile devices, the proof is on display. Year-over-year growth is growing at an exponential rate. Mobile views have grown 6x over desktop views. This means that while business must design their marketing videos around the mobile platform, they have to acknowledge an underlying truth. Consumers are viewing your product on the go and in nontraditional locales. Consumers share products/services they love with greater frequency. but the rise of mobile adds to the immediacy of the potential purchase.

The mobile explosion means that the sales funnel experience is becoming much faster and your product/service videos must be designed to slow down the viewer experience. If you can make an influencer take the time to embrace your marketing efforts, then you can increase the likelihood of the materials being shared. After all, mobile and tablet shoppers are 300% more likely to view a video than laptop/desktop users.

product video and mobile explosion, infographic