Achieve Victory Through Video Marketing

Victory through video marketing is the future. The consumer audience is hardwired to process video 60,000x faster than text. But, where are the consumers? The fastest growing section of video consumers are in the mobile market. 50% of all mobile traffic is now video consumption. These mobile viewers are three times more likely to view a video due to ease of access. How easy is it for consumers to view video on your website?

Today’s share comes from KZO. 76% of marketers are now adding online videos to their sites. These engaging online videos allow businesses to effectively communicate with a connected customer base. When a consumer searches for your product/service online, they don’t want to read marketing mantras. While instant access to information is great, consumers need a filter to make sure they’re getting what they want to see. If they don’t get it, they will move onto the next video and purchase from that business.

Video is completely changing business operations and it’s about time to come onboard. If only 24% of businesses are completely embracing video marketing, that means the frontier is wide open to your marketing plan. Make sure that your business is ready for this next wave of innovation.

victory through video, infographic