Business Video Marketing Needs YouTube

Your business’s video marketing plan must involve YouTube. Digital ad spending has increased 4x on YouTube over the last 5 years. The allure of high engagement and video exposure is only one part of the need for YouTube. 52% of shoppers confess that watching product videos makes them more confident in making a purchase. These shopping consumers use many venues online to study products and compare. The vast majority of them push forward to YouTube, which is the second largest search engine behind Google.

Today’s share comes from MDG. The infographic breaks down how online consumers spend more than 6 billion hours watching videos globally. 49% of these consumers check the service on their mobile platforms in a daily fashion. Even more check several times a day. The ease of the video platform being designed for mobile users eliminates any roadblocks to instantly gaining information. If your business is looking to step ahead of your competition, you have to start uploading your videos there.

Autodemo has covered similar material about YouTube in the past. Check out our older blogs here and here. The reason that YouTube keeps coming up in discussions of video marketing is because it’s an anomaly. A relatively free service that offers high consumer engagement and has high online market penetration doesn’t just happen everyday. Make sure that your business makes the best of it.

Business Video Marketing Needs YouTube, infographic