How Do Consumers Interact with Social Media Video?

The modern business marketing plan requires a grand understanding of all marketing platforms. While social media has a wide audience, it’s incredibly difficult to pin down why it will work for your business. Facebook is 50% of all retargeted clicks online, which provides for a healthy return to B2B and B2C clients. 34% of marketers are able to generate leads using Twitter. Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than non-social traffic. While all three sound appealing, there’s no reason why all three platforms can’t be adapted into your marketing plan.

Today’s share comes from Queen City Media. Their compact infographic suggests that Facebook is for targeting, Twitter is for following and Pinterest works better for engagement. Depending on the needs of your business, you might find that some needs bled together within these channels and you might need to branch out to others. That being said, this is a healthy start to start your social media video plan. Consumers don’t interact with social media in the same way, but behaviors must be understood.

Regardless of where they fall on the sales funnel, consumers must have their needs addressed. Facebook is best for introductions, while Twitter allows you to better understand confirmed followers. Pinterest being so visually oriented works as a modern day catalog for the established parties of interest. Study what the infographic has to say, as there are multiple conversation starters to being hammering down an approach. No social media video marketing plan stands alone, but it’s best to understand where you need a business to first approach consumers.

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