How to Optimize Video for Search Engines [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results. But, how does a business go about making that happen for their video marketing plan? Search Engine Optimization is the next key in successfully taking well crafted videos and putting them into the greater world. First off, your video needs a friendly file name. Your business might have a way of categorizing content within your lovely office walls, but it means nothing to the random Internet consumer. From there, you have to make sure that you title the video post in a manner to attract attention.

Descriptions, tags and categories might seem overwhelming to the new marketer, but these are means of archival retrieval and browsing for any number of consumers. These efforts expand the reach of your product or service’s videos. Tags should rarely be longer than one or two words unless you have a specific niche to target. Between the description and tags, you should think of any possible phrase or keyword that might be relevant to your work. This isn’t the place to brag, but it’s the area to think critically about your business.

Today’s share comes from PCG Digital. While it is an overview of what SEO can do for your marketing plan, the information provided is critically important. SEO is the means of eliminating extraneous searching for your consumers. Anything that shortens the path between consumers and your business is a good thing.

How to Optimize Video for Search Engines, infographic