Mobile Video Social Networks Will Help Your Business

The rise of social video consumption has changed social media networks. Facebook ads are primarily video and the same goes for Twitter. Given the rise of mobile traffic, business marketing needs to refocus efforts on catching consumer attention on the go. Posts on Facebook that include video increase engagement by 100%. 60% of this same consumer base will watch video before any text. Those engagement numbers are only getting higher, so what can a business do to keep eyes on the page?

Today’s share comes from Uberflip. The infographic showcases video focused social/mobile efforts on two key components. Your business should invest in visuals and be easily accessible. If your business can create a video for these specific online communities that engages a shared narrative, then engagement increases. What helps is that 92% of mobile consumers will share high quality video content. The days of just existing as a branded corporate website are over.

The consumer base is just as connected as the biggest Fortune 500 company. While your business doesn’t need to search for these consumers like buried treasure, attention must be paid to their networks. Video is shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. Every marketer is also a consumer who knows of these outlets. Study your fellow buyers, learn what they need and sell them a solution. The video social network is here to help you.

Mobile Video Social Networks Will Help Your Business, infographic