Video Impacts Digital Marketing

What impact does video have on digital marketing? Well, conversions increase by 49% and visitors stay two minutes longer. But, what does this mean for your business? How can having a 53% increase in appearing on the first page of Google search results help you? The answer is quite simple. Exposure. Exposure is how online video influences all digital marketing plans. After all, the goal for either B2B or B2C is to get consumers seeing your product and/or service.

Today’s share comes from Media Labs. The past year has seen a 52.1% increase in video marketing ad spend by professional marketers. 65% of executive and C-Level influencers are preferring video over text. The modern business world is built on the principles of speed and access. As broadband internet gives way to fiber and the mobile market expands, ease of access alters the face of marketing. Your business might have the best widget on the planet, but that doesn’t open emails or influence Google. Video opens the door for consumers that don’t have the patience to do weeks of research.

Autodemo has talked about this before in a prior blog. But, the truth of the matter remains. Consumers have deep access to information and a never-ending supply of options. Engage your customers today with a far more informed marketing strategy.

Video Impacts Digital Marketing, infographic