How Will Video Improve Your Email?

Video in e-mail is such a lucrative concept that very few marketers utilize. Did you know that video email marketing offers a return 280% higher than traditional emails? As a result, emails with video give you an advantage that helps you stand out in the crowd. Your business marketing plan will enjoy an increase in open rates and high click-through rate. In addition, video email leads to increased website traffic and brand awareness.

Today’s share comes from Email Monks. The infographic makes a warm pitch to sell video emails as a means of complementing cross-selling opportunities. Ease of distribution across the Internet allows these video emails to go viral in terms of sharing. In addition to the sheer scope of video, video allows for special means of connecting with consumers. Most of all, video emails can start the process of training or explaining a product/service to a consumer. Therefore, a business should always state the value of the video in the email copy.

Finally, highlighting value in a video email only serves to support your overall marketing plan. If a business can engage a consumer with few distractions and a message seemingly tailored to their experience, the battle is won. Feel free to browse the rest of the infographic for tips on integration and commonly busted myths. Enjoy!

How Will Video Improve Your Email, infographic