Video Improves Inbound Business Marketing

Inbound marketing can benefit greatly from video. Most of Autodemo’s recent blog posts have been about video use in outbound marketing. But, inbound allows business to find new ways to promote themselves to a dedicated customer base. An optimal inbound marketing video works when you have a specific audience to target. 45% of internet connected consumers watch a video every month. Now, let’s focus on making that video your company’s video.

Today’s share comes from Bixa Media. 100 million internet users watch online video daily. 90% of online shoppers have used video to influence their purchase decisions. Consumers prefer to watch video over read text. If all of these individuals are within your dedicated consumer base, why not approach them on their preferred platform? Video improves visitor experience and brand perception. Not to mention the fact that video greatly influences your SEO efforts. Videos are 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page rank.

Two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by early 2017. Once your business has a solid outbound marketing presence, the time arrives to begin repurposing your video content. Browse the infographic below to get a better idea of a supercharged inbound marketing plan. The battle isn’t over after your videos attract new customers. Therefore, you need to give the dedicated consumers a reason to stay.

Video Improves Inbound Business Marketing, infographic