Your Videos Need More Viewers

Viewership is very important. Consumers are looking for substance, not to see how long you can make your visual elevator pitch. 65% of consumers watch more than 3/4 of a video. That means your business has a fixed base. Bringing them to the conclusion of your pitch requires three things: focus, a personal connection and brevity. Your product/service message might be complex. That is fine and it requires more time. But, front load the information in your video.

Today’s share comes from KISSmetrics and Wistia. While it is rather short, it keeps with the themes of today’s message. Online video has evolved into a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool. However, consumers are still people that view time as a commodity. The Internet has given them an endless milieu of options. Your time with their precious attention is sparse.

The goal of a business video marketing plan isn’t 100% penetration. Due to the fact that you have over 100 million consumers viewing your online video at any given time, any fraction of that is well worth obtaining. When you browse the infographic today, make sure to read every section that breaks up the ups and downs of viewership. The graphs don’t offer direct information, but they frame the conversation for your marketing team.

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