The Vitality of B2B Video Marketing

B2B video marketing can do amazing things for your business. 78% of buyers need to find information for their business challenge. These B2B marketers are already informed, it’s just that they don’t know what options await them. 84% of these B2B marketers prefer word of mouth, but the vast majority will turn to web search for expedite their search. If the value of a search is over $10,000, most B2B marketers will try to find multiple content sources to back up their search. Whether it’s social media or published articles, B2B marketers need to see a complete product/service online presence.

Today’s shares comes from Earnest. 60% of site visitors have little time for reading, so video optimizes their attention. Consumption patterns have changed so much for B2B marketers that most start 50-60% through the buy market before they begin search for video content. That means your video marketing plan serves as the deciding point for many businesses. Video marketing is the ideal platform for the empowered buyer and its vitality is influenced by ease of access. Over half of business executives and B2B marketers prefer mobile devices for search rather than fixed desktops or direct calls. Browse the infographic below and get a better sense of why B2B video marketing matters.

The Vitality of B2B Video Marketing, infographic