Video Marketing Is No Longer Optional [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video Marketing is no longer optional in today’s business environment. Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. 70% of B2B marketers have now changed their marketing strategy to specifically focus on video. Consumers that view video stay on websites two minutes longer than non video watching consumers. The facts are ever present. To capture the largest consumer sample, your business has to create a video marketing strategy.

Today’s share comes from Profit Koach. The infographic is basic fact heavy, but it lays the groundwork of an emerging needed video marketing strategy. So many marketers tend to overlook how video can influence every aspect of marketing. Video increases e-mail marketing click-through rates by 90%. Couple that with the fact that consumers view three billion hours of video on a monthly basis. The name of the game is exposure.

Market share, leads and sales begins with the exposure that video marketing provides. Look at your business and the media venues they use. How many consumers arrive at your website because of a graphic? When was the last time that a consumer said a Pay Per Click ad really influenced my decision to visit your page? Consumers, executives and every in-between wants to watch videos. Videos help to sell everything from product/services to brands.

Video Marketing Is No Longer Optional, infographic