Explainer Video Success: Lucina Health

Lucina Health’s Firefly system helps cut the costs associated with preterm birth. Lucina has unveiled their new data aggregation system. The multi-variant system analyzes a population of pregnant patients to break down stats on targeted patients. Caregivers can take this information and provided better care. Not only does this system work for caregivers, data is fed back into Lucina’s Firefly system to better aid health management and the patients.

Lucina Health Explainer Video (2:31)

About This Explainer Video

Lucina Health pregnancy care management system helps moms-to-be to make better decisions about their healthcare. To meet Lucina’s needs with this video, Autodemo targeted the need for data in Lucina’s Firefly connected system. Also, Autodemo wanted to place an emphasis on the need for analytics in healthcare enterprises. Colorful animation moves at a brisk pace around the end user graphic, showcasing Lucina’s goal to keep pregnant mothers first in their mission. Also, the chosen appealing visual style speaks to all participants in the Lucina system. Furthermore, the aggregation of data charts show how unique populations can be measured for risks and costs.

Examining Multiple Real World Data Applications

Lucina helps its customers significantly reduce preterm birth and associated costs by using cutting-edge analytics that synthesize data and deliver actionable insights. Lucina provides patient care organizations that have a vested interest in improving health with a fully integrated solution that empowers women to improve their lives. In addition, these applications allow care managers to prioritize their work and better provide for new mothers. Therefore, common resource needs are identified at the caretaker and patient level, thus maintaining a proper flow of system data. Engagement and communication increase in a way that is relatable to the viewer and shows the end solution. Finally, Lucina’s mobile app completes the data cycle of end user information feeding caretaker data.

About Lucina Health

Lucina Health’s mission is to help reduce preterm birth by driving best-in-class care with deep obstetrics analytics—connecting moms, babies, and the community that cares for them.

As technology has evolved, an opportunity presented itself to build a comprehensive data analytics solution to better understand risks and potential complications each mom-to-be might face, and Lucina was born. Even the name reflects their mission: Lucina is the Roman goddess of childbirth and light. This goddess who protects women during labor and brings blessings of health, safety, and productivity. Similarly, the Lucina team strives to shed light and insight on the best possible care for women in the Lucina community.

Leveraging the power of aggregated data and deep obstetrics analytics, Lucina is fundamentally changing care management to help reduce preterm birth and associated costs. Firefly, Lucina’s data platform, sheds new light on risks, conditions, and pregnancy complications to understand outcomes and cost, both for patients and the community at large. Connecting with Firefly, MyLucina is a mom-facing mobile app, delivering personalized outreach and education for each patient.

Lucina Health, Inc. is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Chrysalis Ventures, Arboretum Ventures, and the Kresge Foundation fund Lucina’s mission. Passport Health Plan, also in Louisville, is a valued development partner.

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