What Roles Does Video Marketing Play in Tech Purchases?

40% of tech purchasers begin their process by watching videos. From there, the purchasers working with their business needs moves into recommendations and evaluations. 82% of purchasers find it hard to find qualified information on major purchases. These same purchasers find that only 25% of vendors have the means to answer their needs. What’s a business to do? Thankfully, purchasers have made it clear how they want to share content and be presented said material.

Today’s infographic comes from IDG. Following the even flow of the infographic shows that vendors demand a few points that video can support. These purchasers demand email content first and Autodemo has covered how explainer and demo videos can fulfill this need here. When email content isn’t enough, these purchasers demand social media and shareable articles. The search for high quality information is ongoing and your business has the opportunity to engage these purchasers at any point of the sales funnel.

This is a great point to consider as 81% of tech purchasers state that lack of knowledge drives them away from a product. Feel free to browse the infographic and learn the many ways that video marketing can help your tech firm. While your business’s purchase path might not be illustrated neatly as the six part intro, there is plenty of information to take away today. Autodemo wants to help you create high quality content today. Browse our blog and past successes to get a better grasp of what we can do for your marketing plan.

What Roles Does Video Marketing Play in Tech Purchases, infographic