Modern Marketing Demands Video Content

Video Marketing produces the content with the highest ROI. Video content doesn’t just work with a single video. A modern business marketing plan has to plan for the long-term. 96% of B2B companies are planning to increase their use of video in content marketing in 2017. But, who is the target audience? While initial outbound marketing endeavors have brought in a healthy consumer base, who is next? Now is the time to be creative and begin generating more video content.

Today’s share comes from the Infographic Design Team. While it serves as a process overview, the material gives business influencers a chance to examine their process. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Therefore you should always consider what videos you are producing. Are they responsive and interactive? The infographic provides some guidelines for producing videos that meet those needs. However, YouTube and other video platforms can offer even more tools to push your video to that next level.

The process of achieving modern marketing campaign goals takes time. Make sure your business tracks campaign results regularly. There are no penalties to being perfect in your video marketing. Video content is open to change, adaptation and repurposing. Take what you have learned here today and apply it to your current marketing endeavors.

Modern Marketing Demands Video Content, infographic