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Founder JC Stites conceived of Autodemo (short for “automated demonstration”) during a game of hacky sack in a Microsoft parking lot in 1997. The company combines his interest and experience in technology and marketing to create a unique video solution. Autodemo pioneered the software demo industry back in 1998, assembling a growing roster of clients – from Fortune 100 companies to startups. Autodemo clients included American Airlines, Intuit, Marketo, Optum, Red Hat and SAP.

Today, JC leads a remarkable team of specialists who are as creative as they are strategic in helping clients achieve their business objectives.

Developing Video Marketing Solutions for Over 20 Years

JC StitesCEO & Executive Producer

JC founded Autodemo in his garage in Louisville, Kentucky in 1998. Previously, JC worked in the publishing and technology industries in San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. Autodemo is the culmination of his passion for software, marketing and video production.

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Peggy StengelAccount Manager

Peggy has spent 13 years at Autodemo developing and nurturing long lasting relationships with companies of all sizes and in all industries. Listening to clients' needs, she provides recommendations about solutions that will help deliver results. Peggy’s goal is to deliver outstanding service to her clients.

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Bernie KeeneAccount Manager

Bernie has been with Autodemo for 18 years making it easy for Marketing Directors and Product Managers to add videos to their marketing mix. He helps customers leverage autodemos across multiple channels to maximize exposure to their products. He enjoys following up with customers to hear success stories.

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Gayle SmithSenior Producer

Relocated to Louisville from Los Angeles in 2003. Gayle has an extensive understanding of video production and the expertise to craft the perfect solution for your website, email campaigns, trade shows, social networks, and mobile devices.

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Tim WilliamsSenior Producer

A Chicago transplant, Tim brings 15 years of experience with creating custom multimedia solutions for clients ranging from the largest corporations to the smallest nonprofits. As a former Process Consultant and Instructional Designer, he offers creative and strategic insights for designing compelling videos.

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Stasia LenhartSenior Producer

Stasia craves creative challenges. With almost 20 years in the industry, she has worked in all
areas of the video creation process behind the camera, post-production, editing, scriptwriting
and directing. She loves producing because each project presents something new to learn, and
a creative message to tell. While she likes to think she is cool, at her core she’s a geek. She has
lived in Michigan, Hong Kong, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Green Bay before she found
her place here in Louisville at Autodemo.

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Derek PooreProducer

Before coming to Autodemo, Derek spent 15 years telling stories — first as a writer, then photographer, video editor, and producer. Relating with the audience is his top priority in storytelling.

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Kevin PatrickDemo Developer

Resident Autodemoian, Kevin, has been developing and improving the demo industry since 2000. His extensive knowledge of multimedia and creative approaches of implementation have helped propel standards and practices across the spectrum.

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Kyle HopkinsArt Director/Motion Designer

Kyle has been passionate about telling stories and creating art for as long as he can remember. He has over a decade of experience creating animations and illustrations for a variety of companies and brands. Utilizing the right tools for the job: whether it’s traditionally hand-drawn animation, 2D or 3D animations combined with professional sound design - Kyle is committed to finding creative and innovative ways to tell a client’s story.

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Travis TaylorArt Director/Motion Designer

A multimedia designer by trade and an artist by design, Travis works in motion graphics, animation, 3D, video and everything in between in order to yield just the right creation. His goal is always the same: to create exactly what the client needs, and to do it with the aesthetic precision of a Hollywood magician.

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Philip VetterArt Director/Motion Designer

Philip has had a fascination with animation and design since a very young age. Working on a variety of projects from character animation to kinetic type treatments, Philip enjoys the challenge and uniqueness each project brings. Philip's love of storytelling and desire to help others is his every day motivation.

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Dedra CarricatoBusiness Manager

Dedra has been Business Manager of Autodemo for 9+ years and wears many hats. They include accounts receivable and payable, HR, insurance, some marketing, and pretty much whatever it takes to make the office run smoothly.

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