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  • Conceptual
  • Engaging Visual Storytelling
  • Top of Sales Funnel
  • 6 Week Development


  • Solution-Focus
  • Persuasive Product Showcase
  • Middle of Sales Funnel
  • 4 Week Development

Every Video Includes


Some of Our Clients

How We Do It


It all begins when your best content expert walks us through the material on a recorded WebEx session. It's a fast and efficient knowledge transfer.


Our Scriptwriters are skilled at integrating nuanced messaging and product functionality into a clear and concise script that will hit the perfect tone.


Let our creative minds come up with the concept and visual style that will resonate with your audience. "Style frames" will highlight your video's look-and-feel and get everyone on the same page visually.


You will be amazed when you see everything come together for the first time. Provide your feedback and voice talent selection and then we will be ready to record final audio.


Review the final version of your video with professional voice-over and/or music and give us your final blessing. Congrats, you did it! With a limited amount of your time, we created a video that will deliver great results.


We are not finished until you get the most from your video. We will help you post to your preferred video platforms and get the word out on social media.

The Autodemo Difference

Tell Your Story the Way Your  Prospects Want to Hear It

You know what’s special about your company and solution, but getting everyone on the same page can be a challenge. Our knowledgeable team has perfected the process of extracting key nuggets of information for messaging that resonates with your audience.

Our experts leverage 20 years of industry experience for creating engaging marketing videos. We’ve refined our development process down to a science—it’s intuitive, collaborative, and highly efficient. With professional scripting, visuals, and audio production, our videos generate leads and drive conversions.  

Start with an explainer for a high-level overview of your company or solution. Utilize a demo video to reach your target market and showcase your solution in action.

Partner with the Explainer and Demo Video Leader

We’ve spent years serving clients across the software, healthcarefinancial and retail industries, which means we have a pulse on the unique ways to reach new prospects and keep customers for life.

With a simplified development process and an experienced team of producers, writers, and designers, we’re adept at quickly assessing solutions and understanding what makes your product or service stand out.  

From our first phone call to final delivery, we’ll be your partner in effectively delivering your offering to your audience.

Be a Happy Customer

We’re proud to work with a diverse portfolio of companies across a number of industries. Let us tell your story through targeted videos with big reach and a lasting impact.


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Creating Engaging B2B video’s that work isn’t easy. Your video marketing campaign isn’t about creating a single video, posting it all over social media, and hoping to capture your target audience’s attention. It’s never that simple. And never a single video. Video marketing is both an art and a science. After you’ve perfected the art […]
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PlayMaker CRM drives business growth. Sales efforts require visibility in the field of post acute care. Therefore, the ability to target high-value referral sources allow sales efforts to be a success. PlayMaker is a productive CRM that allows field sales representatives to manage their operations. Most noteworthy, there is a mobile app that allows field […]
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If you have yet to take the plunge into video marketing, today is the day to do it. While the presence of video marketing permeated the commercialized mainstream a long time ago, many businesses still do not consider it a necessary piece of their marketing platform. However, think about how many marketing messages you have […]
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