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Grab and keep prospect’s attention with videos that showcase your software’s unique value and best features.

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Why you need a software demo video

Prospects who are researching a software purchase can be overwhelmed by all those spec sheets, whitepapers and checklists they see everyday. In fact, 95 percent of B2B buyers say they want shorter, more visual content.

Video is the perfect solution.

Software videos explain your solution’s unique value and demonstrate its “wow factor” features with animation, iconography, motion captures of functionality, and narration that’s concise, compelling and engaging. Whether you want to generate social media buzz around your software product launch or show off a new visual reporting dashboard, a two- to three-minute promotional video is one of the best investments you can make.

What kinds of software are the right fit for a promotional video?

Creating automated software demos is where we at Autodemo got our start (and our name, as you might have guessed). Since 1998, the software industry has come to us when it wants great videos to promote:

  • Sales & Marketing automation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Networking and Security
  • Data Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Compliance auditing
  • Web development and testing

And any other software category where you are looking to engage customers and win business.

Our producers understand the software industry and are as agile as your development team. From ERP to CRM to BPM, we have your TLA (three-letter acronym) covered.

“I have often told co-workers that the autodemos we create are the easiest projects I have all year. It is fantastic. They do a great job, which is why we keep coming back.” – Red Hat

Do I need an explainer or demo video?

Explainer and demo videos can reach your audience wherever they are in their decision-making process.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are perfect for building excitement about a product launch or introducing your solution to new prospects. Explainers use animations, iconography and other visual elements to conceptualize and illustrate the value of your software. Think of explainer videos as your “elevator pitch” as you begin a conversation. They are often the best option for breaking the ice with decision-makers.

Demo videos

Demo videos focus on the two or three “wow factors” that set your Software apart from the competition. Demos provide a practical illustration of your software’s functionality and capture “the aha moment” when prospects fully understand the value of your solution. They are a great way to connect with technically sophisticated prospects, such as IT managers. High-resolution, 60fps video techniques create crystal-clear illustrations of how your solution works. Demos are also the perfect tool for influencing prospects who have committed to a purchase and are now narrowing their list of solution providers.

How long will it take to produce my Software video?

Your video project will last from four to six weeks, depending on its complexity. Our Streamlined Development Process includes interviews with your best content experts, script writing, and review of a beta version of your video. 

  • Demo videos usually take four weeks to complete. This production process includes screen capture sessions of your solution’s functionality, as well as multiple feedback loops to make sure everything goes smoothly. 
  • Explainer videos typically include animation and other creative elements, so we plan for a six-week project that includes storyboards to meticulously plan out the concept and visual style of your video.

If you and your producer agree that additional reviews or other steps are required for your project, we’ll build them into a realistic schedule to make sure your video is delivered on time and on budget.

How much will my Software video cost?

The budget for a standard-length demo video is about $6,000 dollars. Explainer videos, with their somewhat longer production cycle, including storyboards, tend to cost about $9,000. This budget includes script writing, soundtrack, professional voice talent, and any licensing fees.

Software Video FAQs

How do my explainer and demo videos fit into my marketing and sales strategies?

Prospects who are in-market for software solutions are highly knowledgeable and base their decisions on comprehensive research. So it’s usually a good idea to offer a lot of educational content, including video. Demos are a great way to prove your software delivers on the “elevator pitch” you made in your explainer video. Most of our customers here at Autodemo use explainer videos in their high-funnel marketing campaigns and demo videos in the mid-funnel, as they begin to focus on the differentiators that make their solution better than the competition.

Where should I publish my explainer or demo software video?

Explainer videos are a perfect fit for your website’s homepage or main product pages to provide an introduction to your company or solution. Demo videos work great on landing pages for SEO, SEM or targeted outbound campaigns – anywhere you are talking to prospects who want practical information about your solution. We can also create versions of your video content that’s optimized for social media channels, such as LinkedIn. And an explainer or demo video playing on a large screen is a great way to draw attention to your trade show booth.

Can I use my video for customer training and retention?

Our explainer and demo videos are typically designed to engage prospects as they research a software purchase. Our knowledge of your software and the video content we create can also be used to educate your customers, both before and after the sale. Whether you want a 4-minute training demo with detailed screen annotations or a 1-minute explainer video to post on your home page, we’re as agile as you need us to be! Talk to your producer and we’ll create a plan that meets your needs.

Ready to talk about how an explainer or demo video can help show how your software is the best solution? Contact us to get the conversation started.

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