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Illustrate the unique value of your innovative healthcare solution with explainer and demo videos.

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Why you need a healthcare solution video

Rapid innovation is revolutionizing how healthcare providers and their patients share, analyze and act on data to improve patient outcomes. To succeed in this evolving and highly competitive industry, you need to show prospects how your healthcare solution elevates the standard of care and benefits everyone involved, from patients to hospital administrators to office managers.

And there’s no better platform to deliver that message than video. In fact, more than 90 percent of marketers say video helps increase prospects’ understanding of their product or service.

Whether you are showcasing the power of a predictive analytics dashboard or illustrating the time and cost savings of your practice management software, video is the best content format to engage and educate potential new customers

What kinds of healthcare solutions are the right fit for an Explainer or Demo video?

Any technology that improves quality of patient care is a perfect fit for an Explainer or Demo video. We can help you create instantly compelling videos that illustrate the key benefits and game-changing features for any solution, including:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Research & clinical trial management
  • Diagnosis analysis
  • Digital imaging & storage
  • Medical imaging
  • IOMT (Internet of Medical Devices)
  • Prescriptions & pharma
  • Telemedicine
  • Billing & practice management

Our team at Autodemo understands that security, privacy and compliance with HIPAA and other regulations is a key value for your healthcare solution. Our producers and scriptwriters will work with your content experts to create messaging that builds trust with any audience you want to target, from patients to providers.

“The quality of output and response time to requests was excellent. And our producer was a pleasure to work with.” – GE Healthcare

Do I need an Explainer or Demo video?

In just two to three minutes, Explainer or Demo videos capture the attention of viewers and explain the benefits of your healthcare solution in improving patient outcomes and reducing delivery costs.

Explainers are perfect for introducing the unique value of your innovation to prospects. Explainers use animations and other eye-catching visual elements to conceptualize and illustrate complex ideas, such as the impact real-time data exchange of eHealth Records can have on patient outcomes. Think of Explainer videos as your “elevator pitch” as you begin a conversation. They are often the best option for breaking the ice with decision-makers.

Demo videos

Demo videos typically focus on the two or three “wow factors” that set your healthcare solution apart from the competition. Demos use screen functionality and animated notations to create practical illustrations of how your solution improves the patient care experience. For example, just showing clinicians how easy it is to update patient charts with your more solution’s mobile app is the most powerful way to impress prospective customers. Demos also are a great tool for influencing any prospect who has decided they have a need and is now narrowing their list of candidates.

How long will it take to produce my healthcare solution video?

Your video project will last from four to six weeks, depending on its complexity. Our Streamlined Development Process includes interviews with your best content experts, script writing, and review of a beta version of your video. 

  • Demo videos usually take four weeks to complete. This production process includes screen capture sessions of your solution’s functionality, as well as multiple feedback loops to make sure everything goes according to plan.
  • Explainer videos typically include animation and other creative elements, so we plan for a six-week project that includes storyboards to meticulously plan out the concept and visual style of your video.

If you and your producer agree that additional reviews – including with your privacy or compliance teams – or other steps are required for your project, we’ll build them into the schedule to make sure your video is delivered on time and on budget.

How much will my healthcare solution video cost?

The budget for a standard-length Demo video is about $6,000 dollars. Explainer videos, with their somewhat longer production process, including storyboards, tend to cost about $9,000. This budget includes script writing, professional voice talent, and any licensing fees, as well as a review of a beta version of your video.

Healthcare Industry FAQS

What audiences are best for Explainer and Demo videos?

An integrated healthcare solution can touch every person – hospital administrators, physicians, clinicians, and patients – involved in the patient care continuum. And each of these audiences has a different perspective on the value your solution offers. An insurance plan manager will be eager to learn about predictive analytics and reporting, but the data behind the graphs will be incomplete if patients don’t get excited about using your wellness tracking app. Engaging all of your stakeholder audiences can be critical to successfully marketing your solution, whether you produce a single Explainer video or a suite of informative Demos. Talk to your producer and we’ll develop a strategy that meets your needs.

How do Explainer and Demo videos fit into my marketing and sales strategies?

Most of our clients here at Autodemo use Explainer videos in their high-funnel marketing campaigns and Demo videos in the mid-funnel, as prospects begin to focus on the differentiators that make their healthcare solution the best choice. Demos are a great way to prove your healthcare solution delivers on the “elevator pitch” you made in your Explainer video.

Where should I publish my Explainer or Demo solution video?

Explainer videos are a perfect fit for your website’s homepage or anywhere you want to introduce prospects to your healthcare solution. They’re also a great way to draw attention to your booth at a trade show. Demo videos dramatically increase conversions on landing pages for SEO, SEM or targeted outbound campaigns – anywhere you connect prospects who want practical information about how to use your solution. We can also create versions of your video content that are optimized for LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Ready to talk about how an explainer or demo video can help your healthcare solutions stand out from the crowd? Contact us to get the conversation started!


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